Sunday, February 7, 2010

She listens well!

Like most parents we try to teach Riley right from wrong. That doesn't seem to be going so well. Usually when we tell her "no, don't do that" she usually does it even more while laughing at us. We're hoping it's her age, if it's not we are in a world of hurt! Here is an example:

Riley, please don't climb on the stairs...

Riley, don't climb on the stairs...

Riley, don't climb on the stairs, don't go any further!!!


After pulling her off of the stairs screaming and crying followed.

Yes, Adam and I are in trouble. Wish us luck!!

1 comment:

  1. yea for blog updates!!! Riley is so crazy cute, I love the pics!

    Our parenting efforts with Alexander are also, apparently, both hilarious and ineffective. We try to do what all those parenting books suggest, and be firm consistent with our "no" and redirect him... but when he has it in his mind to do something, no amount of redirection will stop him. Sometimes it seems that the harder we try, the funnier we are. *sigh*

    I stopped reading those dumb parenting books when Bub was about 6 months old. They are laughably out of touch with the reality of dealing with a real child. Theoretical parenting is way easier than actual parenting... that's all I'm saying.

    Alexander can't wait for his next playdate with Riley. They can laugh at us together.