Tuesday, October 25, 2011

9 Months Already!

Earlier this month Jayden turned 9 months old!  He weighed in at 22.5 pounds (Riley weighed in at a whopping 31.5 pounds on the same day :).  He is doing great and seems to be growing everyday.  As you can see he is a very well rounded baby ;)  His pediatrician said he needs to work on his core.  Does anybody know where we can take a baby Pilates class?

It's funny what happens when you add a member to your family.  It has only been 9 months but it feels like he has always been with us.  I don't even remember what our lives were like before he arrived. It feels like we are now whole.

Happy 9 months Jay, we love you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Riley turns 3!

On September 30th Riley turned three!  I am great full for her every day but every year on Riley's birthday I reflect on the day she was born and the weeks following (1st birthday post: Happy Birthday Ri!!).  She had a rough start but I think it has turned her into a tough little girl.  She is also beautiful, smart, creative, independent, stubborn, and very loving.  I couldn't be more proud to be her mom!

Of course a birthday meant a trip to Michigan to celebrate!  We drove straight through both ways and lived to tell about it.

This is Riley's Dora Ice Cream Birthday Cake.  She had been asking for a Dora cake for 4 months!

Riley enjoying her cake with her cousins Kendall and Drew!

Riley with her cousin and BFF Kendall!  They couldn't love each other more!

We all loved spending time with family and not only celebrating Riley's birthday but introducing everybody to Jayden. We can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas!

On Riley's actual birthday we went to Rainforest Cafe to celebrate.

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley!!