Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The B's of my life!

We will start with the obvious: Blogging!  So I haven't blogged in almost a year. What really can happen in a year?  All I can say is that now that I am a SAHM (see future B) I will make every effort to blog on a regular basis.  Be prepared to see all kinds of random pictures of Riley from over the last year or so. 

Next has to be our Baby Boy!  That's right, we are having a baby boy!  I'm about 35 weeks along and due February 6th.  Those of you who know Riley's story know that making it this far is a great achievement for us.  I did have a scare about 7 weeks ago when my blood pressure spiked but it has been under control since.  Now it looks like we might actually make it the distance (knock on wood).  We are very excited to welcome our newest addition to our family!

Boston is my last B.   About 5 weeks ago we moved to Boston.  Adam was offered a position he couldn't pass up so we upped and moved and started the next chapter in our lives.  I have always loved Boston.  Adam and I visited several times when we lived in Connecticut and I was excited to come back to the East Coast.  However, it was never our plan to move further from family :(  But we have to play the cards we are dealt and this was the best move for our family.  This has, however, given  me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom which I am very excited about.  So, if anybody wants to visit Boston let us know, we love to have visitors and Boston is a great place to visit!

So stayed tuned and be ready for all kinds of blogging!!

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